DP Assurance Audit

As new technology and new development took part in the Marine Industry, Dynamic Positioning (DP) system has become the standard means of position-keeping for vessels and rigs operating offshore.
Ensuring safe positioning is crucial especially in offshore activities to prevent potential asset damage, pollution to the environment and accidents.
In DP system, the vessel’s position and heading are automatically adjusted by the vessel multiple thrusters, controlled through computers, via complex and integrated network of mechanical, electrical and electronic systems and sub-systems.

Accepted industry guidance is the International Maritime Organization (IMO) MSC? Circ.645 – Guidelines for vessels with dynamic positioning systems. Base on this guidance, they set a generic requirement for verification of DP systems that includes DP failure mode and effect analyses (FMEA), DP Trials survey and testing procedures, as well as requirements for vessel operators to develop appropriate operating instructions.
Satumarin Sdn Bhd, an IMCA member, provide range of Dynamic Positioning services, using IMCA and Marine Technology Society (MTS) standards and guidance. We can provide the above-mentioned DP FMEA, DP Trials and assessment on the DP operating processes, such as critical activity mode (CAM), task appropriate mode (TAM) and activity specific operating guidelines (ASOG). We also provide DP Assurance Audit which is used to ensure the integrity of the DP system and safe manning of a DP Vessel. DP Assurance are conducted through assessing and validating vessel capability in the procedures, equipment and personnel.