We offer marine consultancy and technical advisory on:

  • OVID & CMID inspection
  • Dynamic Positioning (DP) Services/DP Audit/DP Annual Trials/System Test/DP Assurance/DP Operations Manual/DP FMEA/ASOG
  • SBM/FPSO/FSO pilotage
  • suitability surveys
  • marine tender & marine project management
  • STS Marine supervisor
  • rig movers/tow masters
  • client marine representation/marine technical & contract adviser
  • Pilotage
  • technical due diligence
  • hydrocarbon reserve verification
  • upstream oil and gas data room review
  • project economic evaluation
  • risk assessment and mitigation
  • equipment fitness or fit-for-purpose assessment
  • 3rd party/independent party technical review
  • concept selection/front-end review
  • asset integrity management
  • technical safety and HSE (health, safety & environmental) audit
  • fire protection review
  • marine/ plant inspection

While our key clientele is based in Malaysia, our geographical coverage currently covers the entire Asia and Middle East. Our experienced and capable partners and consultants can be mobilized to any part of Asia within 24-48 hour notification.