DP FMEA and Annual Trials for DP1 Vessels

By Captain Hakeem Haron, MNI. DP Manager/DP Master Marienr

As written in https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/dp-fmea-annual-trials-dp1-vessels-captain-hakeem-haron-mni

There has been quite a number of enquiries from vessel owners, charterers/contractors and oil majors on DP 1 Trial and FMEA. To me it defeats the purpose. And even if we do FMEA and Annual Trial, what is it that we are looking for? Only the ability of vessel’s DP position keeping and the effect of a certain failure. The moment a component fails, vessel will definitely loose position.

IMCA 186 Paragraph 2.5.3 states

“Although classification societies do not require DP FMEAs for an equipment class 1 vessel, there may be occasions when charterers will require a DP FMEA to ensure the quality of the system design and operation and to identify the effects of single failure on the operation of the vessel.”

I have seen DP 1 Trial report whereby the failure of IJS is categorised as Category A, when there is no requirement for a DP1 vessel to have redundancy? Yes there is a need to rectify it immediately, but from owner’s perspective, this is a show stopper should a potential charterer look at the report.

So how do we categorise findings on DP 1 Trials whether it is Category A, B or C or should there even be categories for the findings when the concept of redundancy does not apply for DP1 vessels?

My question is to those DP Master Mariners and DP experts, give us your thoughts. I have posted same on IDPOA’s Linkedin for members to discuss.

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