Dynamic Positioning Services

Dynamic Positioning Services

We provide an experienced multidisciplinary team of engineering and operational resources to support the DP industry. Satumarin delivers dynamic positioning services listed below.

We aim to assist our Clients in operating and validating their DP systems. Whether identifying the critical activity mode or verifying the worst case failure through DP FMEA, Satumarin provides clients with independent technical reviews, to enhance safe DP operations.

Our dynamic positioning services encompass all aspects of the DP system, from initial design consulting, procedures and documentation, proving trials, audits, incident investigation, life extension studies, maintenance and management; providing value to our clients at every step of the way.

Our personnel are trained to recognize issues affecting DP performance and reliability. As independent consultants, we are ideally placed to provide unbiased expert advice, ensuring the best outcome for the vessel owners and DP operators.

Our work is supported by DP Policies and Procedures to ensure consistent delivery of quality.

Satumarin DP Services include:

–  FMEAs, FMECAs and Trials
–  DP Operations Manuals
–  DP Vessel Audits
–  DP Capability Plots
–  Mission Critical Systems
–  ASOG (Activity Specific Operating Guidelines)
–  CAMO (Critical Activity Mode of Operation)
–  Safe Return to Port (Cruise Ships)
–  Competence Assessment
–  Training
–  Design Support
–  Failure Analysis
–  Incident Investigation
–  Expert Witness